Westville Prison

Oh my word,yesterday was one of the highlights of my life! Five of us went to visit the sewing workshop at the female section at Westville prison and handed out Khululeka bags that had “Christmas Pack” printed on them.Fifty five female prisoners each received one panty ,3 pads,toiletries like soap,shower gel,body lotion,powder,face cloth etc.

Nazareth family church preached and had music,so we all worshipped and sang and danced our hearts out! I was wondering why I was so stiff this morning! They provided the ladies with luch and then it was our turn to address the ladies and hand out the packs!

Sue B, I cried so much,as you just have no idea how many lives you have already- and still will impact with this awesome product! I thought I went to bless these ladies,but I can tell you that I was the one that was blessed out of my socks!

I had the privilege of chatting to the ladies,explaining who Coca was and what we do and then told them about this amazing little fire ball of a lady called Sue Barnes and that she invented this pad and panty. They were overwhelmed when I explained how many layers,what types of fabrics are used,how to use and wash it and that it lasts for 5 years! They asked questions and were so grateful! I got to hug each prisoner as I handed out the bags and they were all so grateful! I also had the privilege to minister to them,it was just God awesome!

It was such a huge break through for us to even BE there,as only one of our church ladies has been allowed inside over the past 4 years! The 2 main warders just happened to be Afrikaans,so we hit it off and” het lekker gepraat”. So much so,that they have given us permission to visit again for Valentine’s day and Mother’s day! I can go on and on and tell you many stories,but it will have to wait when I see you all again!

We were even allowed to take photos, which is unheard of, so check out the pics!

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