Nunu Ngidi

My name is Nunu Ngidi from Johannesburg Soweto. I read one of your article in the magazine Marie Claire, I was touched because I can

Relate to the story of not having pads as teenager and still at school. I still remember as it is was yesterday. I did undergo

In that situation. I was using a toilet paper if we had at home, you can imagine having a heavy flow and not having

Nothing to protect the situation, and secondly you don’t have something that you can use, because you need to change.



…. I would like to share my sister’s story with you

As we were young with my siblings eight girls only, but three of us were the youngest. As I’ve mentioned early on  that the only

thing that we were using was toilet paper nothing else, we never have that privilege to have or use the pad, so one day

My sister come up with the solution to us , she took a old t-shirt and tear it into big pieces, and she gave us we were wondering why she’s giving us the pieces to the t-shirt and she said from now we are out of misery we dint understand

She said we are using this pieces as pad , we were happy regardless  of knowing that we can’t change it till you are at home after school, then you can change and put the clean one. It was a big difference from using the toilet paper to cloth. She invented the reusable pad for us…J

This is the story that I wanted to share with you.

I will be gladly to be a part of your team giving girls dignity and  making difference in South Africa.J

I would like to salute you, to  awesome job well done making difference in South Africa.J

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