Project Dignity visited Dumisani Makhanye High School in Welbedacht West, Chatsworth on Thursday 9th February 2017.

This visit was made possible by the fundraising efforts of various individuals, organisations and educational institutions, namely Inscape Design College, Caity Cocker (Crawford College, North Coast), Melissa Wright (Girls Longboard Crew), Ashton International College and Jean Porter. Together enough money was raised to supply 100 Grade 8 girls at the school with a SUBZ3 packs (3 pairs of cotton panties and 9 washable, reusable sanitary pads).

The young girls were a delight to spend time with and they enjoyed the talk on puberty and menstruation and how their bodies work. Mooi Mthethwa assisted with the translation into Zulu to ensure the young girls understood everything they were being taught about puberty, menstruation and how to use and care for their Subz packs. Mooi also treated the girls to a motivational talk about her youth and how she also came from an underprivileged background however kept focussed on her future and finished her education and is now living a privileged life. Melissa Wright from Girls Longboard Crew also spoke to the girls about valuing themselves and their bodies and working towards getting their education to ensure they have a bright beautiful future. Staying in school and respecting and valuing themselves was a very strong message that was being taught to the girls.

Caity Cocker from Crawford College, North Coast, spearheaded a fundraising initiative for the project on her own and raised over R7000 for the girls. Caity was unable to attend however her fellow classmates and their mothers came along and helped by handing out the packs to the girls and chatted to the young ladies at the school about the various challenges they face on a daily basis.

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