Oscar & One Life

The One Life Church group hosted the Sparkle Conference in 2016 and through that conference they raised a significant amount of money which they donated to Project Dignity to supply the Subz Pants and Pads washable, reusable sanitary wear.

Project Dignity teamed up with OSCAR (Outreach Social Care Project) in Pietermaritzburg to source schools in need of help. The team visited Bongundunga and Nyonithwele Secondary schools and spoke to the grade 8’s and 9’s in those schools.

The ladies from One Life Church also joined in for the day. The girls loved the chat by Mooi Mthwethwa and it was wonderful to see how the girls opened up and asked questions during the presentation. It was a truly uplifting and rewarding day with the young ladies in Edendale, Pietermaritzburg

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