MPACT Recycling in Maydon Road

Today Brenda McCann and Mooi Mazo Mthethwa from Subz Washable Pads and panties went to #MPACT Recycling in Maydon Road to talk to the ladies who had signed up to receive Subz washable, reusable sanitary packs that the company bought for them.
The Subz pads are a health product as they contain no chemicals or gels and are eco-friendly as they are washable and therefore sustainable.
Thank you to #MPACTRecycling for supporting Subz and supporting their female staff members. Mooi spoke to the ladies in IsiZulu which was fantastic as she was able to answer all their questions and queries. The ladies were very excited and appreciative of receiving their Subz Packs which will last them for 3 years.

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