Amaoti 3

This was our second visit to Amaoti 3 combined school in October 2013.

The girls are in grade 7 and 8, and we enjoyed our time together.

They loved the educational booklets on “empowering young women to make good choices” which is implemented by Kristy Glass of lots projects, and Kudzai Mqingwana of Afrisun trust.

We work with the girls through the booklets on empowering young women to make good choices, in their social and educational sides of life. We inspire them to reach for their dreams and give them goals and targets to work towards.

The girls enjoyed the educational on puberty, menstruation, personal hygiene and how to care for their subz packs.

We educated them with the means of interactive visual aprons and medical models.

What a splendid day for all.

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